The history of the library.


History is the lessons of the past, the instruction of the past to the future. Dreaming of our great future, we should not forget about our dignified past.


  Chronicle 1958-1998

  The history of the book collection of the Library and Information Center of Taraz State University named after M. Kh. Dulaty begins in 1958 from the date of the establishment of the branch of the library in Zhambyl based on the library of the Kazakh Chemical-Technological Institute. The development of the library was closely linked with the development of the university. The basis of the library fund was 2,900 copies of books, the staff consisted of 3 people, the number of readers was about 400 people (full-time students - 200 people, evening students - 75 people, teachers - 100 people, employees - 25 people). An ILL service (interlibrary loan) was opened at the reading room of the institute. The Institute has concluded an MBA agreement with the following cities: Moscow, Leningrad, Riga, Alma-Ata, Frunze, Kiev. The efficiency and demand for this service can be seen from these figures: over 4 years (1958 - 1963) more than 400 orders from 43 teachers and students were completed. Books received through the ILLwere not handed out to take away. They studied them in the reading room, since the conditions for fruitful work were very good.