Dear poetry lovers!

  We invite you to take part in the creative platform "ZhyrgagashykZhurekter", which will be held on April 27, 2021 at 11.00. As part of the Republican campaign "One Country- one book" on the works of famous Kazakh poets in the genre of poetry from 30 books recommended for national reading!
  Venue: reading room No. 5, building 4 (“Ustaz” Institute).
  Organizers: Reading room No. 6, Library and Information Center and the Department of "Kazakh language and literature".

"One country–one book"

"Pictures of historical reality"

  Within the framework of the republican campaign "One country – one book" in 2021, for the 30th anniversary of the country's independence, for the national reading under the motto "For the 30th anniversary of Independence – 30 books", one of the 30 best works of Kazakh authors in the genre of drama was selected a collection of plays "Aina- gumyr" by an outstanding state and public figure of the country, writer, playwright, Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan RakhimzhanKasymgalievichOtarbayev. This work, published in 2013, includes several of the writer's plays. In each work, the author combines perseverance and nobility in history, in which man and society, the individual and the crowd inextricably describe the reality of the oppressive times. The work will definitely appeal to readers. The collection of plays "Aina-gumyr" consists of two parts, four scenes.
  We offer you an excerpt from the literary performance "Pictures of Historical Reality" based on this work, organized by the reading room No. 7 of the Library and Information Center (5.3 Pedagogical Complex) and active students of the “Ustaz” Institute.
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