Dear Readers!

   We congratulate you on the holiday of March 22 with the significant holiday of Nauryz!
   Nauryz is not only a celebration of the New Year according to the ancient custom, it is a celebration of spring, awakening and renewal. On this day, when nature begins to enjoy the spring warmth, let the joy of life enter your heart!
   Open your soul to the sun, peace, goodness, love and beauty! May our people be happy, live in abundance and may you always be lucky!


Dear Readers!

 In Kazakhstan, 2021 is declared the Year of Independence. In this regard, the republican action "One country - one book" is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the country's independence. Within the framework of this action, entitled “30 books - to the 30th anniversary of Independence”, 30 best works of famous Kazakhstani authors in the field of poetry, prose, drama, children's literature and translation were selected for national reading.
 We hope that the books read as part of the action will find their place in the hearts of readers, reviving the meaning of such priceless traditions as respect for elders, respect for the customs of ancestors, contributing to the education of morality and purity of soul.
 We present to your attention the electronic versions of "30 books for the 30th anniversary of Independence".